We provide a wide range of body corporate services and commercial building maintenance services throughout Brisbane.

We service a dynamic clientele of Real Estates, Body Corporate Managers, Landlords, Building Owners, Office Buildings, Strata Managements, Government Bodies, Defence Bases and Shopping Centres.

All works undertaken by Apollo CMS are fully licensed and insured. We are CM3 compliant and have a strong compliance culture with an emphasis on Licenses, OH&S, Insurance and Workers.

Personalised dedicated service is our specialty. Give us the opportunity to repair or maintain one of your properties with any of our services and see the difference Apollo CMS can make for you.

Maintenance Services:


We provide interior property services such as: painting, drywall repair, fire & water damage repair, tenant improvements and cleaning


We provide exterior maintenance services such as: painting, fence and retaining wall construction, parking lot maintenance, high pressure cleaning, and roof repair


Preventive maintenance plans reduce the frequency of breakdown events, resulting in fewer disruptions, increased asset lifespan, financial savings and increased productivity. We provide preventative maintenance services such as: inspecting and cleaning out gutters, repairing roofs and flashing, hot water system inspection, backflow valve servicing


We provide repair services for interior and exterior of commercial, industrial and body corporate properties. From plumbing, carpentry, tile and electrical to repairing walls, ceilings and roofs.

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